About Hashing and CRH3

What is Hashing
Hashing can best be described as a scavenger hunt performed by a band of misfits looking to kill an afternoon and have a few brew-skies.  Often a "Hash" trail starts at a single location (bar, garage, or local park) and they follow a batch of marks laid by the one (or two) individual(s), aka the Hare, who are laying or have laid a trail to follow.  This on going task continues for a duration of a distance from 2 to 4 miles (weather depending).

Holy Cotton Pusher's grandmother asked if we could change the name, because she didn't like telling friends that her granddaughter was "doing hash stuff."  But it turns out, there are thousands of Hash House Harriers Kennels (Chapters) all over the world; it's too late to change the name.
[FYI, the group was not named in relation to Hashish]

A little bit about CRH3
Here's the short of it - more info may be added later.
We are a group of primary !!unamed!! hashers who have tagged onto a lot of other hash groups in the past.  We have had a number of trails that we've done locally or Kennel-less-ly.  Because of this, we're slowly building our own traditions. In the past we have referred to ourselves as "The Lost Kennel," because we by default refused to create our own Kennel.  The "Big 3" right now are the Anal Spring Trash Hash (around Easter), The Mississippi F*ck Him Huck Finn Mississippi River Hash (planned for the weekend after Labor Day in Guttenberg this year), and our Random Shiggy November Trail.

In this tradition, we welcome everyone (walkers, runners, hikers, joggers, stumblers, republicans, democrats, anarchists, atheists, Jesus-freaks, non-drinkers (sad), drinkers...  He11, NNKatie came on a 5 mile trail 3 days before her due date!  I'm pretty sure she wasn't drinking...

Also in this tradition, we aren't truly concerned with... traditions... because many members are still learning.  And we are looking for more members or non-members to hare some local trails and RA circles.  We don't have an official mismanagment (the true form of Mismanagment)  We are defining our local hash-pubs and how often we plan to do trails. Great time to get involved. :)  Expect something at least monthly.

External Info
coming soon...

Friends of CrapidsH3!:

Cedar Falls Hash House Harriers (CFH3)
Many of us got our hash-starts with this group or at events with these members.  So toast a beef for these Titans of the Hash.  And tell them to keep coming to our hashes!
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