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Hashers tend to be private about themselves ... at least to unknown people on the internet.  Limited information is provided here.  I encourage you to join the Facebook group to meet our members.  Often group members will be willing to meetup for a drink to visitors in town.  To get to know us, come join us for one of our trails or social outings!

You can also email BallShaker at; he'll post something on the group if you're headed through town and looking for a trail or a drink.

Facebook Group:

Some of our named Hashers in the area:
  • 2-Bit Tits
  • Moe
  • Moe Lester
  • Hard Queef to Swallow
  • BallShaker
  • Holy Cotton Pusher
  • Stuck My Stick
  • Wet Cherry Surprise
  • Harey Dukes (he left us for Portland HHH, wanker!)
  • BAM!
  • CVG
  • Uncle Touchy (we claim him)
  • She-Who-Shall-No-Be-Banged
  • Little Brown Cocksicle
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Member NameContact InfoNerd Name
BallShaker Marcus 
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