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4th Anal Huck Finn Hash

posted Aug 27, 2016, 9:30 AM by Balsch Acre
Please join our Facebook Group or contact us for more info on this event.
September 10th, Guttenberg, Iowa

Show up in the evening if you want to camp over the night before. More below.
10:30 am - 11:15am Campers check-in and setup camp
11:30 am    Shuttle to Trail Start. DON'T BE LATE
12:00 pm Meet at Start, Chalk Talk, and Trail   
5ish pm    Circle then Dinner on-your-own.
- Camp: (Join the FB group/event or contact us)
- Trail Start Location: TBD (Join the FB event or contact us)

This is big kids adult trail. 21+
Beautiful Shiggy Steep Beery Fun.
TRAIL TYPE: A-to-B, Mostly Dead, SHIGGY. Intended for Walkers/Hikers
HARES: LaLaLaLaLa Gonorrhea, Holy Cotton Pusher, BallShaker.

COST: $25 OR LESS. Probably $15 for non-campers.
To start, about 4-5 drinks + circle, water on trail, snacks on trail, camping space, showers, bathrooms, possibly hash haberdashery, and everything else. Can't beat that for camping, adventure, shiggy, beauty, and fun.
We don't give change. So if you give us $30, thanks for the extra donation to the Kennel.

There should be some Alcoholic Non-Beer drinks at each Beer Stop.

BRING: DRY BAG with change of shoes, good disposition toward steep terrain, *flashlight*, long socks or pants, whistle. Hiking boots are acceptable. Underwear Optional. More on this in the upcumming info sheet and with map.
If camping, bring the stuff you need when camping :P

DON'T BRING: Grumpiness or inhibitions.

CAMPING: (Join FB Group or contact us for more info)
Camp spaces, hose faucets, showers, bathrooms, firepits, and a nice bubbling brook to listen to.
Not sure about picnic tables, but always a good idea to bring some chairs.
PLEASE DO NOT GO POTTY WITHIN SITE OF OTHER CAMPGROUND OCCUPANTS.  Hide in the corn, the woods, or use the actual real bathroom! THANKS.  Apparently that was the only complaint the owner got from other residents last year lol.
Also, if you wish to camp with the hares on FRIDAY night, we worked out a deal for $10/tent (or other sleeping thingy) for FRIDAY night. Let us know if you're cumming FRIDAY.
Don’t Drink & Drive.
THERE ARE CABINS --> posted in the facebook group.

This trail is intended more toward walkers/hikers due to terrain, but do whatever you want :) You'll see some beautiful and cool stuff, we promise! Estimated 3.5-4 miles (may change). A bit less rugged than the previous locations.

TRAIL ASSUMPTIONS: This is a SHIGGY STEEP TRAIL. You will get scratches. You will get a bit dirty. You will go through nettles & thorns. You will likely get wet. You will love it. THE TRAIL WILL NOT GO THROUGH POISON IVY (nasty shit!), but I can't guarantee you'll stay on trail...

GUTTENBERG and related stuff:
Guttenberg is bigger than Buenie, but still small. We will (probably) be shuttling people to the start of trail from the camp. So don't be late! Circle location is a secret.  If you bring food for you or to share for on-after it will have to stay in your car or tent all day; keep that in mind!
I expect trail will get done before 5:30 with dinner to follow. Note that (for once) our time estimates last year were DEAD ON (dead on-on?). Also - an odd note - showing up inebriated to this trail might not be a great plan. Being inebriated by the end is encouraged!

This is a joint Co-Hard by CRapids HHH and Cedar Falls HHH

Our Friends & Terms Below!
Cedar Falls Hash House Harriers:

Iowa Shitty Hash House Harriers:

Quad Cities Hash House Harriers - Raccoon Chapter:

Some Terms Defined:
*Hash House Harriers (us) - Social Drinkers with a Running/Jogging/Walking/(Hiking?) problem.
*Hare - person(s) hosting the trail
*Hounds - the people on the trail (you)
*Virgin - you (if you've never been on a trail)
*Kennel - the local hash "chapter"
*Shiggy - part or all of the "trail" is off-trail (thru the woods, streams, fields...?)
*Dead Trail - Trail is pre-layed. Hares are with the Hounds
*A-to-A' - trail ends very near where it starts. (vs A-to-A or A-to-B)
*Dry Bag - a bag you bring that will be available to you at the end of trail for a potentially needed changes of clothes & shoes.
*Hash - has nothing to do with the herb. sorry...
*Hashers like to update English with our favorite words - Anal for Annual, cum for come,
*Smegma - secretion of mammalian genitals. Hopefully this knowledge is not useful, but is strictly for the sake of knowledge. And it's fun to say. smegma. Smmmegma. say it. smegma. great word. smegma.

What you might expect:

1. Have Fun
2. Call hounds (hashers) by their hash name
3. First time? you're a "virgin."
4. You won't get all the details here. That's part of the fun.
5. You aren't required to bring beer. Bring your trail $ . After the trail & beer run out you're on your own, but there is a nearby bar. However, I won't be refusing your booze if you bring some extra on trail to share.
6. Respect the circle
7. Respect others -- this should not prevent light haggling, taunting, and general calling you out on your BS!
8. Don't drink and drive (Cotton says I’m not supposed to say “if you do drive it off before you go home”).

If you read this far (unlikely), the word of the trail is "cumtastic." Work it into a sentence.

On On!
-BallShaker & Co