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Haunted Trail 2015

posted Oct 28, 2015, 9:00 AM by Balsch Acre
Don't know what to do with your Halloween weekend!? Or just need a little pre-lube to start you out!? Tired of waiting 3 f*cking hours in line for a haunted house!? Do you miss BallShaker and 2-Bit Tits!? Do you need another scary hash after LaLaLaLa Gonorrhea's on the 29th?

Well, we can fix all these in one orgy -- I mean shindig! You can cum to our Haunted Trail on Oct 30th. It will feature a number of local amateur (free) haunts! It's early enough that you can still go out and play after!

Cost: FREE - SORT OF...
If you drink Big Flats beer, our BNs & Circle are covered. Otherwise bring your own. ONE STOP WILL BE BUY-YOUR-OWN.
Please consider donating at least $1 to each of the haunted houses we hit.

Hares: 2-Bit Tits & BallShaker
Time: 6pm. Pack away 6:30!!
Start: 920 Maplewood Dr NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
A-A'. Undead. Haunted!
Length: A little over 2 miles.
Costumes: Highly recommended - but easy to maneuver in. Just f*cking wear a pirate hat you baby.
On After: At A or nearby. A is in the Irish District! There are local parties as well.

I expect this will be short (at least for my [BallShaker's] trails). Circle will be SHORT. There is a party going on near our end-point, there is on-after's at 2-Bit Tits, and there a many bars within blocks... if you care to stay in the area.

Questions? Email BallShaker: balschacre [at] pycks [.] com
Here's the FB Event: