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HashComing - 2nd Annual

posted Aug 20, 2022, 8:28 AM by Marcus Clark   [ updated Sep 21, 2022, 11:16 PM ]
2nd Annual HashComing - Saturday, October 1st, 2022
This is why you check the facebook page; we're bad at updating this site:

Here is the official form to register! If you are coming, please rego here. PayPal and Venmo links included for rego/donation:

Full Info/FAQ:

Q: Is business casual acceptable?
A: Anything is acceptable. leisure suits, belly dance costumes, grass skirts, a t-shirt with the word "tux" sharpied on it.  Click on the links below for ideas.
Q: Can I wear heels or nice shoes?
A: I would not.  There won't be much shiggy, but I can't make guarantees about comfort of cleanliness.  I'd keep a pair in a dry bag or in your purse/murse (Or we can take them to the end for dancing!).
Q: What if we are late?
A: My current answer is "don't be late."

See the Info/FAQ above for more info.

Unlike last year, this is an actual hash trail!  Your trail cost covers your beer stops and $1 goes to the Kennel and at least $15 will be donated to Waypoint.  Feel free to donate more.

This is an event for anyone who wants to dress to the nines, dress their craziest, or somewhere in between.  Examples: tuxes, suits, ballgowns, old 80's prom dresses, old bridesmaid dresses, old wedding dresses, formal wear kilts, someone dressed like prom-night Carrie, your Goodwill finest find, fancy cocktail dress, red dress, etc...

What you need to know:
  • Here for the latest:

  • Start Time: Meet at 1:11pm, Chalk Talk at 1:45 p.m.

  • Start Location: Quarter Barrel Arcade & Brewery
  • Cost: $25 (15+ goes to Waypoint)
  • 3-4 beer stops.
  • Dress to be noticed 😁
  • No Shiggy (i.e. we will be on paved paths and roads)
      - "unless you really want us to" (optional shiggy)
  • Please feel comfortable wearing a mask; please respect those distancing and wearing masks.
Things you may want to know:
  • We will try to get specials if possible at all establishments if you want to purchase additional...
  • Your attire may be noticed!... best dressed. There may or may not be prizes.
  • Why run when you can walk? Or piggy-back ride.
  • Take lots of picturesThe picture was of pitchers. it was a pun. get it!? did you get it!!???
There will be on-afters somewhere in the downtown area, but I think you will like our Circle/Dance location.  Yes! There will be dancing! Do you know us!?? BANNER BUZZ MAKE IT VISIBLE Patio Signs Decor - Relax, Unwind &  Accept The Crazy Hanging Funny Metal Outdoor Party Sign (18" (H) X 12" (W))  : Patio, Lawn & Garden