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Thursday April 14th Trail

posted May 3, 2015, 10:34 AM by Balsch Acre   [ updated May 11, 2015, 6:47 PM ]
May 14th - the first of our "2nd-Thursday-Tralis".

*** From the Hares ***
Make sure you don't miss the first and only May 14, 2015 Cedar Rapids Hash House Harriers Lost Kennel hash. There will never be another one of these. Unless we reset the calendar. Then you'll only have to wait 2015 years for it to happen again.

Meet at Tornado's Grub & Pub

Hash Cash: $7

What to expect:
A virgin, live trail with anywhere from 1 to 69 beer nears, plenty of urban shiggy, at least one play stop, maybe a boob check or four, and a metric shit tonne of fun! Yes, that's a metric shit tonne, not a standard shit ton. Yes, there will be plenty of beer.

Also be at Tornado's. We have happy hour prices ($6) on pictures of domestic beer until we leave. Hares will buy until the hash cash is all used up, then we'll take donations.

What to Bring:
Your whistle, inappropriate hash attire, a drinking vessel, and VIRGINS!!!!

CVG and NNDerek

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