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Urban Shiggy - Montly 2nd Thursday Trail

posted Jul 9, 2016, 8:44 AM by Balsch Acre   [ updated Jul 12, 2016, 8:46 PM ]
Hares: BallShaker, NNKatlyn, & NNKatElyn
Dead Trail, A-B, SHIGGY SHIGGY. Dry Bags! (see below)
Knee socks/pants and Boots not a bad idea. Think *hike*
Consider bringing a bag and water.
Cost: $5
Start: Mohawk Park Boat Landing
Google says this is 219 J Ave. Don't use mapquest. Directions posted below. If you don't see a boat ramp, you're not in the right place.  There is park pavilion there.
Bear Nears: 2-3
I lied earlier: no runners' leg.
On After, somewhere in the area -- likely Sag Wagon.
There will be a beer alt.

*DRY BAG* Just in case you're new - a dry bag is something you bring along to change into after trail b/c of dirt, water, mud, grass stains on your ass (the old green gown), etc.  It should defintely include shoes & socks.
We will *probably* have your dry bags taken to the end. We'll see, based on time/logistics.

You are going to a pavilion near the entrance of Mohawk park at the boat launch/landing.
If you can get to J Ave NE going west -- just follow it almost to the end, then backup about 100 feet. :)  
If you have to turn right onto Long Bluff Rd, you've gone too far.
For you alco-bike-aholics -> directions from the Sag Wagon:
Go north on Shaver Rd until you can't.
Go left on J Ave
Take a left into  Mohawk Park.